Railay Bay Resort & Spa Krabi Hotel Reviews

Railay Bay Resort & Spa Krabi Hotel Reviews

Railay Bay Resort & Spa Krabi

Masun : A Great Vacation

Railay Bay Resort & Spa is a very nice hotel. We stayed at the cabin of privacy. The room was really nice, with outdoor Jacuzzi and shower! It was really close to a swimming pool and the beach. The beach was clean and not too crowded. There were many activities to choose from - kayaking, scuba diving, rock climbing, scuba diving .. etc. .. And a lot of restaurants around with great Thai food. Enjoyed the tom yum soup and green curry. There are bars around the world on the beach - you can watch the sunset with a good cold beer. In general, we had a great holiday!

Railay Bay Resort & Spabexb : Wow!!!

We stayed in a Privacy Cottage with a Jacuzzi and it was incredible.
The room was nice, clean and spacious, incredible jacuzzi. You can also make a DVD player in room (available on DVD there is receiving and store them), which is useful on a rainy day and a big bathroom. Staff very friendly and happy to help. The restaurant was really good meal of pizza and fab if you fancy a change, also the location of the restaurant and the pool was great to see the sunset.
Something of great luxury in a fantastic place, you gotta love Railay :0)

Railay Bay Resort & Spa KrabiCurly : Could have stayed forever

Every time I think about this part of our holiday to Thailand, I fainted .... Ah, to return .... This is a wonderful hotel. We went to one of the cabins of privacy, and it was worth every penny. Wide, clean, with a Jacuzzi and outdoor showers and hammocks. However, the main pool, etc was not too far away, so we had the best of both worlds. The excellent service from the moment he stepped off the longtail boat, and Railay is amazing. Very relaxed, with breathtaking scenery. If there are any specific questions you would like to ask, just email.

Railay Bay Resort & SpaAndy : Secluded Bay

This was the best vacation we've stayed in so far! My husband and I had an amazing time in this beautiful resort. Always hoped that the breakfast buffet at the hotel as it was served alongside the beach, and always sat at the table where we had the best view of the limestone cliff backdrop. I was surprised by the number of tourists who had brought their children to the station. Do not bother us at all, since most of them were in their strollers. Just a word of warning for those who bring their children, were estimated at some topless sunbathing on the beach nearby. Nevertheless, experience from the moment they picked us up at the airport to the water taxi (via long tail boat) to our hotel was well worth staying at this resort.

Railay Bay Resort & Spa KrabiSparkey : Railay Bay = Paradise

WOW! What a place. My friends and I (5 in total) stayed here for 5 nights and were completely amazed by the resort and the beach. The real thing is even better than the site has! We had the cheapest rooms - simple but clean and comfortable - but were surprised by the location and facilities of the station so they were paying. Definitely value for money. The staff are beautiful, friendly people out of their way to make your time as enjoyable as possible. The two pools are incredibly clean and elegant, and we found the appeal to be the best resaurant food for cheaper prices in the west Railay.

The beach and its environs are the most beautiful we saw in Thailand (which also went to Phi Phi, Phuket and Samui) and the whole place is so relaxed, calm and quiet. We had no problems at all with the resort, everything was better than we expected and we made some awesome friends on the staff too! Undoubtedly, Railay Beach and return to this resort no questions asked.

Thanks Railay Bay Resort & Spa to make our trip amazing and exceeding our expectations !!!!!

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